Thursday, May 5, 2011

moments at the pond...

a last minute trip to tn/ga this past weekend.
we were able to spend time with grandma and grandpa aka mamaw and papaw.
also in town were the much loved cousins, "x" and "k" and of course their sweet mama (the world's best sister-in-law) tina.
there is a nice pond on the property complete with ducks. 
the kids had fun! leafy spent most of the time fishing with the neighbor girl so, pictures of him are few. he is always on the move and quickly. ;-)
he can be difficult to "catch".

glimpses from pond play...

not the best of photos, but the only one of leafy (i just had to include my boy).
he is flicking flowers here.

sweet cousin love.
the mood changed just as fast as the temp, i'd say. oh my, miss lily!
i love capturing lily deep in thought. ;-)

till next time...
blessings to you!

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