Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sweet girl on brick

sweet girl on brick by RiverLily

sweet girl on brick, a photo by RiverLily on Flickr.
Little Miss Lily in front of Rocky's new office.

I do believe she would rather have been catching butterflies or playing football with the boys than to having her photograph taken.

Oh, how I love brick as background!

Lily is adorable, even if she is partially pouting.

Have a great day!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

outdoor happenings. home edition.

who says you have to go far to have fun? who says you have to get in a vehicle and drive away to explore the world or at least a little part of it?

many times we just open up the front door and venture out onto our 1/4 of a mile long (half paved, half gravel) driveway and call it an is really, lots to see and do.

the kids love this driveway. and that was one of the biggest things they missed about tn when we lived in gulf shores..lots of places to move about without so much traffic.

they love the driveway so much, in fact,  that they enjoy getting a head start down the driveway when we are heading out to run errands and such. they do this so "they can get their exercise and become really strong" (that's what they say, really). i also think they like it because it is all down hill and helps them go pretty fast. plus, it's just fun...and that's what being a kid is all about.

funny...the never want to go UP the driveway. it is somewhat steep. but, kids are bursting with energy...hmmmm...something doesn't add up. ;-) most of the time i can't seem to simmer down that energy (not that i would really want to, of course)...but, you know what i mean....if we could bottle up a kids energy we could make some major moolah. ;-) but...alas, they prefer to drive up the driveway. we will work on that. ;-)

just some random shots taken on multiple adventures close to our home...
one thing you should notice...notice how many "ouchies" lily manages to get on her hands...hmmm....

oh, and yes, rocky...those are your boxer shorts i was sportin' in that shot of my feet. haha. hey, they were there, convenient, comfy...and i have missed you. ;-)

have a beautiful, blessed day!