Thursday, July 21, 2011

glimpses from a wedding..


rocky and i had the privilege of shooting a wedding on july 6th (on our 8th wedding anniversary).

it was a small, sweet ceremony on orange beach.

it was so fun being a part of such a beautiful event with such nice folks.

here are a few + 1 shots from the wedding...

isn't the bride and groom just adorable?

you can see more on my flickr site if you so desire... click here to go there. ;-)

after the wedding rocky and i called amy, my sweet friend who offered to watch the kids during the wedding ceremony, to touch base...see, the ceremony was short and sweet so it was still early in the evening..we finished up earlier than we thought we were.
amy said the kids were doing well, and she said we should go get a bite to eat...afterall, it was our anniversary. so...with thankful hearts to her we headed off to find some food.

we decided on Zen in Orange Beach. we had our favorite food in the world, veggie sushi. YUM! it was delicious! i still tried my hand at using chopsticks...but, i decided if i was going to eat anything that night i would have to forgo the sticks and use time... was a very fun anniversary with lots of memories made...

thanks to amy and clint for watching our little people for us and for making it possible for us to have our first date night in like 6 months...(haven't had one of those since we left tennessee and it was way over due).

have a lovely day, lovelies!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

project 365 photos PLUS a little home video


i hope you all are having a great weekend!
ours has been not so good. rain, rain, chances of rain, more rain. yes, lots of rain. but, no complaints really because the area really did need rain.
so...the weather has postponed three photo shoots, and that isn't so good being that we are leaving gulf shores at the end of this month.
but....we have those shoots lined up and i am faithful that we will be able to get those done.

oh, and i just got all of the editing work done on the wedding we did earlier this month, and i am very happy with those. will share more after the bride and groom has a chance to look at them.

so...not sure if you have been following my photo project (project 365) on flickr. i have really been enjoying it and it really has been a great push to take photos (not that i need a push, as i am literally attached to my camera), but it has helped force me to look daily for those moments to capture. i am thrilled to think that at the end of the project i will have a nice collection of photos (yes, all 365 of them...oh, my math skills are beyond fantastic, huh?) that i can look back on and more or less see the past year via photos.

so this project, to me, is a collection of little glimpses of our lives, as well as a tool for visual progress and growth on my photography journey...

here are some recent project365 photos (in no particular order, but the first one posted, i'd have to say, is one of my most treasured thus far)...

my sweet offspring
sweet offspring

the flow of the fountain..

magnolia tree leaf

emerging from the water...

last one there is a..
he's a fast one..

on the hunt and with a net...

she apparently has the pool time blues??

who said you have to be a kid to enjoy kiddie books? ;-)

all smiles..

and some music via the kids...

River and Lily sing 'Only a Boy Named David'...a song they learned from their grandma.

They LOVE this song, btw.

On to other news...River got a new haircut. While Rocky and I were trying to decide what the cut should be like...Rocky decided a mohawk was going to be, though i wasn't so sure about the idea at first...i can honestly say that it is cute on him. 
as rocky said, "what better time to have a cut like that than when you are kid?" excellent point!

here's the new do':
and despite what his facial expression may show in these shots...he really does like the hawk. ;-)

karate chop kid? ;-)

so edgy...

what a fun haircut for a kid...

ever considered getting a mohawk yourself? how about giving one to your child? why or why not? ;-) 

like i said earlier in the is such a fun hairstyle for a kid...i mean, in river's case...he loves dinosaurs and this is a fun way he can have the "spikes" like one. 
and there really isn't a better time in his life to have a haircut like this (wise thought from my wise hubby).'s just hair. ;-)

he sports the spikes quite nicely. ;-)

have a great week!!


Friday, July 8, 2011

8th Wedding Anniversary, Lily turns 4, & More

Wow! These past two weeks have been so busy!! That's pretty much all I can say write to describe them. I am trying to catch my breath really...

Speaking of having to catch my breath...have I told you how much I love this man??

I do...and deeply. He really does take my breath away.  8 years ago on the 6th we were married. Wow, time flies when you are having fun!! Seems like just yesterday we were saying "I do" and hopping into the getaway truck to set off on our 3 week road trip to Canada. Oh what a fun time!

And just look at this cutie! I love him! Well, not only because he is adorable but, because he really is an incredible person, father, husband, friend, nerve-calmer (more on that awesome trait in a bit), forgiver of my faults, and encourages me to no end. I am blessed by God to have him in my life.

Curious about when/how we started dating? See this post here.

Thank you, Rocky for your love. Happy Anniversary!

So...about him being an incredible nerve-calmer...well, like I said things have really been crazy but in a good way. He really does help me calm my nerves...

Lots going on, but more on that when I have time for another post and more explanation.

I wanted to share with you some photos from a recent shoot Rocky and I did of a mother and daughter duo we just met through my friend, Amy...

Meet Blakely and Brynley:

This was such a fun shoot! Just thought I would share some of the cute shots we got. ;-) If you are interested you can see more photos from the shoot HERE.

In other news...
Miss Lily just celebrated her 4th birthday on the 7th! Yes, she almost did not have her own special day...but, she does. Our wedding anniversary is on the 6th. So, just barely. ;-)

I still can't get over the fact that our baby is four. She is growing up so fast. She will always be our baby girl, though. Happy birthday, Lily! Your mommy, daddy, and brother love you beyond words...

Here is a shot of Lily helping make her birthday cupcakes for the pool party...she loves to bake!! I think she inherited that from me...i am much more of a baker than a cook. Hopefully (for her future husband's sake) she turns out to be both cook and baker. ;-)

cupcake making

And here is our newly 4 year old in action "picking & collecting" blueberries at grandma and grandpa's house...

blueberry goodness

Blueberries do not stand a chance with Lily and River around...
Here's proof.

Oh, and here is another shot from the grandparent's house (the massive veggie garden)...

collecting some garden goodies...

So...i skipped a portion of time when the family came to see us in Gulf Shores to celebrate Lily's birthday..that will come in a post soon. The blueberry and garden picking photos came from when we took a lightning fast trip back to TN 4th of July day... a business trip for Rocky. Everyone else went to work on the garden and sauerkraut making...we then headed back to Gulf Shores the following day.

More to come (especially from Lily's birthday get together at Fort Morgan)...but, for now I must go clean.

Have a blessed weekend, Lovelies!!