Thursday, July 21, 2011

glimpses from a wedding..


rocky and i had the privilege of shooting a wedding on july 6th (on our 8th wedding anniversary).

it was a small, sweet ceremony on orange beach.

it was so fun being a part of such a beautiful event with such nice folks.

here are a few + 1 shots from the wedding...

isn't the bride and groom just adorable?

you can see more on my flickr site if you so desire... click here to go there. ;-)

after the wedding rocky and i called amy, my sweet friend who offered to watch the kids during the wedding ceremony, to touch base...see, the ceremony was short and sweet so it was still early in the evening..we finished up earlier than we thought we were.
amy said the kids were doing well, and she said we should go get a bite to eat...afterall, it was our anniversary. so...with thankful hearts to her we headed off to find some food.

we decided on Zen in Orange Beach. we had our favorite food in the world, veggie sushi. YUM! it was delicious! i still tried my hand at using chopsticks...but, i decided if i was going to eat anything that night i would have to forgo the sticks and use time... was a very fun anniversary with lots of memories made...

thanks to amy and clint for watching our little people for us and for making it possible for us to have our first date night in like 6 months...(haven't had one of those since we left tennessee and it was way over due).

have a lovely day, lovelies!

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