Tuesday, May 31, 2011

memorial day 2011

it was so nice to spend memorial day with rocky and the kids!!

so...monday morning rocky set off to do a bit of work on the beach, leaving very early to actually get a parking spot...he got all set up with his work things needed to do some work (for back home) and realized that he could pick us up and still be back to the spot before people started to pack onto the beach.
so...he came home for us and off we went..the beach is much more fun with the whole family, right?? yes.

we had a great time kite flying, snorkeling, swimming, wave jumping (i learned that a bikini may not be the best attire for really strong wave jumping...i'll just say that this is NOT a nude beach..must get a more sturdy swim suit). 
we also had fun relaxing beneath the umbrella, playing in the sand, going for walks, and enjoying spending time together.

but....today we look strangely related to the lobster. OUCH! sunburn is no fun! i do love the color red, but would rather our skin not be a lovely shade of it...it just hurts.

so...we have been getting pretty cozy with extra virgin olive oil (it's good for sunburns...google it) ;-)

i may or may not post more on my thoughts on natural sunscreen vs. chemical sunscreens on a later post on my health blog sometime soon, we will see. (you can google that too..chemical vs. barrier sunscreens)... but, i will say that even with multiple applications with the natural one we have been using , we have been getting more red than we should be...so, (gasp) i may be thinking about exploring chemical ones...(did i really just say that?). though...i really only apply the sunscreen if needed like long beach days, etc. (we love vitamin d around here and love being able to get it from the sun).

so.....back to memorial day happenings...

my sexy snorkel man ;-)

operation: cover daddy with sand

starting from the feet up...

just so you know...i think it is pretty clear which pictures are taken with my cell phone and those taken on my nikon..i love the toy camera effect on my cell phone, in case you couldn't already tell. ;-)

i pray you all had a wonderful weekend and got to spend it with the ones you love!


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