Sunday, May 22, 2011

little "o"

these were taken during a recent trip back to tn.

some friends {we happily claim them as family, too} were in town visiting from naturally i had to take pictures...

little "o" {one of their four kids) was just too adorable not to photograph. all dressed up in a pretty spring/summer dress...

she seemed to really enjoy being in front of the camera...clearly a natural.

precious little lady, indeed.

isn't she a doll??

more to come from that visit...i just wanted to share a few right now...
{you see, my photoshop trial run will be ending soon so i am trying to edit while i can) yes, slightly paranoid about not having good photo editing software? you could say that. ;-)
...i truly have grown to love photoshop and if all goes as planned i will be able to try out lightroom next (that is if our computer can handle's kind of old).
either way...photoshop is a must for me. i will be a mess without it. ;-)

i hope you all have a wonderfully sunshiny day!

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