Monday, May 23, 2011

beach play date..part two


just so you know... i do not usually post two times in one day, but if we are getting technical..i actually posted the battle at f-stop ridge video yesterday for today (actually thinking i wouldn't get these photos up today, but being today is my last day with my photoshop trial and i am uncertain if my dear, sweet hubby will give the go ahead for the official purchase of photoshop, i had to get some more editing it priorities.)

the first part of this post was the one with photos of tiffany and her baby...these are some more pictures from the beach play date...

a moment of thought and observation

the kids at play
looks like a race to me...

little miss 'r' just being adorable..

lovely laura

lily being somewhat protective of her mama's camera bag? um, slightly. ;-)

it was a beautiful day at the beach with groovy company. ;-)

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