Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the graduate... ;-)

meet one of my sweet nieces.. "a2".

she just graduated from kindergarten yesterday.

wow, kids grow up fast! way, too fast!!

remember a while back when i said something along the lines of, "pictures from the time my sister and her family came to visit us...well, they will pop up randomly in posts"? well, i meant that.

the above picture was taken during that weekend...a fun beach/pier day.

in fact...i will be playing catch-up on picture posting for awhile...Easter, the time my sister came to visit, the kid's first time at the pensacola navel air museum, and i think one other event, too.

i will be getting those and more up asap (just as soon as i finalize, and place in rocky's hands, the completed homeschool curriculum for the fall). seriously, rocky, i am almost done.   ;-)


miss, a2.... i am so proud of you!!
sorry we couldn't be there during your big milestone.

aunt kelly

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