Saturday, May 21, 2011

tiffany & her sweet baby

i had the privilege of snapping a few photos of an adorable mama, tiffany and her equally adorable 7 week old daughter.

i must admit that i was bitten by the "baby bug" while taking these pictures. oh man...seems like just yesterday my little wildflowers were this teeny tiny. {yes, i could be persuaded to sprout more little people}.
i even asked rocky last night..."can we have one more?" he replied with, "one more what?" i said, "another human." he then replied back with..."ten more." hmmm..... ;-)

i just met tiffany for the first time yesterday while at the beach for a play date (aka: moms chat and kids play and vice versa).

i could see so much love from tiffany for her truly melted my heart.

now..on to some cuteness...

i took many more photos, but these are the best of the bunch {as i was having some issues with shadows being cast from the umbrellas}...but overall i think you get the idea of how much love i witnessed. 

happy, blessed day to you!!

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