Wednesday, June 1, 2011

mr. turtle...

why did the little turtle set off to cross the road?

to get picked up mid walk, investigated and appreciated by a little family of four, then put back in a safer spot? yes, exactly. ;-)

i just love the markings of the turtle's underside. how beautiful! God is a magnificent artist and creator, indeed!

oh...and update to yesterday's post when i mentioned sunscreen..
i have been doing some research and at this point i cannot yet go ahead with the chemical sunscreens, based on what i know about them.

i have been consulting with friends and also found this website to be very helpful. so, before i throw in the towel on natural sunscreen i am going to try out different brands first..

and it just so happens that two of the natural sunscreens i want to try (from the list and from recommendations) can be found just down the road at target. oh yeah!!

have a beautiful, sunshiny day!!

love, kelly

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