Monday, June 6, 2011


Vacation Bible School started today!

to say that leafy was excited is putting it mildly...and though i ,unfortunately, do not have a photograph which captures his happiness.. i do have this one...

(just please ignore the the graininess of this shot..i know i can not, but hopefully you can... (my iso was way off), but i love the moment captured just the same.

this was taken the day before the first day of, quite possibly he was thinking about all the fun he would have while learning more about Jesus and what life was like when He was a kid? let's go with that..;-)

so..let's see...we showed up at the Church and of course, i stuck around for a while snapping photos and though leafy was excited he became very shy and really wanted me to stay around for awhile. i was completely fine with i really didn't want to leave anyway..

after meeting in the Sanctuary for some worship singing..we (yes, i was still with them at this point) headed to the market place in Nazareth to learn more about some trades such as toy making, bead making, dye shop, and they also learned about synagogue school, and played games that  children might have played in Jesus' time.

each child was given a bag with tokens and they had to "pay" the market shop owners a set amount of coins for each shop. (notice the market keepers hand reaching for the coins leafy is getting out. ;-)

leafy and lily loved making beads..

leafy really is having fun, despite his body language communicating another message.. promise. ;-)

would have been nice to get a few better shots of this experience (oh, how i could put to good use a speedlight flash for my camera) but anywhoo...

the other nice part of the VBS was that lily got to partake in the fun today,too. leafy's teacher went ahead and let lily participate in the bead making and a couple other activities since i was taking there for a bit taking photos. and then when it was time for me to leave (it had to happen i suppose) the teacher requested that lily stay if i was fine with it since she was working so nicely and having fun. you see, lily doesn't turn four until july and to participate in VBS you had to be four by, i was thankful that the teacher allowed her to do this. i asked lily if she wanted to stay and of course, she did.
i registered her and then was on my way...but, was saddened to realize that i was without my babies (if only for a couple hours).
i made the most of it by going back to the apartment and exercising at the club house then having a quiet lunch with was certainly nice and much needed (both the exercise and alone time with the hubby). God is so good to work all that out!!

i hope you all had a wonderful day,too!!

much love,

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