Thursday, April 28, 2011

fort morgan happenings..

(this post includes a bit of time all bunched up as i have only been able to work on it for just a little bit at a time)

first was rocky's birthday the 26th!
happy birthday to you, my snuggle bug! ;-)
i am SO thankful that you choose to spend your life your life with me! i truly am blessed to have you!

Also...we have had so many tornadoes touch down recently at home in tn, and many places in the south, for that matter.
my heart goes out to all those devastated by the storms.
please know that we are praying for you all.!!!!

i came across this adorable video way back when (earlier in the week when i started this post)..not sure where it was taken, but thought it was too precious not to share.
it reminds me (i know this might sound strange) of my sweet hubby. really.

you see this past weekend we spent some time exploring fort morgan in alabama (very cool place, btw).
click here for history information on fort morgan

after visiting the fort we headed to the beach (with our friend jeremy and his son P who were visiting from back home for the weekend).

anywho..while on the beach rocky found lots of wildlife. i loved seeing the expressions on his face while he discovered all the creatures such as lots of crabs and the dolphins in the ocean, which were jumping out of the water almost like they were doing tricks just for us. rocky was like a child in a candy store. okay, maybe not quite as animated (rocky isn't that much so), but i know him...and i could see the joy in his eyes. i love that man! i love seeing him happy!
read on later in the post to discover some of God's creation we enjoyed on this fun day at the beach!

God is so awesome to have blessed us with that time on that beach that seemed to be our own little beach for the day.
i thank Him for allowing me to enjoy my husband's joy with it all.
like i said we saw lots of dolphins out in the ocean and dolphins are so adorable. the video also reminds me how much i
  miss our little cat, yoda.

glimpses from fort morgan.....

glimpses from fort morgan {the beach}

sandy faced :-)
lots of dolphin sightings!

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