Friday, April 22, 2011

a photo & a song

a simple post...

a photo. a song.

the picture... was taken this past weekend..the photos will be weaved through posts for awhile, i do believe..i took many.

the picture here shows me two things..

one: that i have much more to learn about taking pictures, editing, and everything there in between..but, i am enjoying every second of it.

and two: that i love the beach, especially when the sun begins to set.

the song... i heard this while at the gym this morning. it's a beautiful song.

jj heller has such a lovely voice and the words to her songs are just as lovely.

like i said...simply simple.

have a wonderful weekend!!

we are super excited because we have more company coming into town from back home this evening:

our friend jeremy and his little boy "P".

'P' is leafy's age and is his best bud.

the kids are thrilled!


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