Sunday, April 10, 2011

lunch at lulu's...

last weekend continued...

so, naturally...since we had company we just had to go to lulu's restaurant.  (owned by lucy buffet, who is jimmy buffett's sister, in case you were curious) "lulu" was a childhood nickname. i love this place!! great fun for the kids...oh, and the food is great, too!

i did not take any pictures of the food (food photography just isn't my thing..well, not usually), but i can tell you the food was yummy and i look forward to coming back here when my sister is in town in a couple weeks. they even offered vegetarian options for us veggies, but i'm sure asking them to leave the meat out of an entree would work as well. rocky and i enjoyed the veggie burrito. delish! is another reason i don't take food photos too often anymore...i am too busy taking pictures of the people i am eating the food with. ;-) people are so much more interesting than food..;-)

so sexy, yet so silly all at the same time. ;-)

love this picture of my it in b & w.

here is a picture of me trying on a pair of sunglasses in the gift shop. what do you think? too big, too white for my very fair skinned, freckly face? i kind of like them, but am not sure if they "work" on my face. ;-) do they look clown like?

note: this is a rare post in that there are actually pictures of me..that almost never happens..

i will probably go with a simple black pair of bole's i have spotted on sierra trading post. but, we'll just have to see.

so...after we ate we played in the sand..yes, even the adults.

so cute!

can you hula?

then it was time for our sweet friends to board their plane to head back home...

naturally..a family photo was in order and in front of their plane seemed like a great place. our friend;s shadow is in the photo as he snapped the photo for us.;-)

bye bye for now!

isn't their airplane adorable?

makes me look forward to rocky getting his pilot's license. was a fun filled weekend with sweet friends...i am so thankful they got to stay with us and also thankful that they own their own plane so that the trip here for them was just two hours instead of 7. That meant more time at the beach.;-)

oh...and i added a page to the blog entitled, 'our story',,,it's pretty much our story via a few words and lots of pictures..go check it out. ;-) i will be working on this section as i get time..i will have to scan in pictures when i get back to tn to add to it (for those "before digital" photos. ;-)

till next time...
many blessings..
<3, kelly

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