Friday, March 25, 2011

what do you know...i caught one!

i caught a wildflower...and a wiggly one, at that!! ;-)

catching wildflowers, especially cute little wiggly ones, like my sweet offspring, can be challenging at times...but i caught one!

i was hoping the "catch" would be leafy, as i owe him a post. (coming up soon, i promise). ;-) little man is super fast and rarely slows down for a "kodak moment", especially when he is chasing and being chased on the playground with that boy and all that energy. i guess you could also say i didn't quite have the energy to try to catch such a wiggly wildflower at that moment...

anywho..yesterday we decided we would go to the kid's park before the library and this worked out great...we normally go to library story time first, then park second..i like the new order of events..

 i, unfortunately did not have the lovely nikon with me on this day (i feel as if we are joined at the hip most times..okay, cameras do not have hips but you know what i mean). you can usually find me hiding behind the's safe there. it's where i like to be.

oh...a random thought is coming. if you know know i love to name things. not just people, but things,too.  in this case i think since i talk about miss nikon so fondly she deserves a name...i will call her, nelly. nelly nikon. ;-)

so...being that the miss nelly nikon was doing what she rarely does (sleeping at home) i snapped a few shots of little lady on the swing with the camera phone..i am determined to take a decent swing will happen one day with all the practice i get at it, i am certain! turned out fairly, it is the picture of the day. ;-)

gotta love all the bruises on little lady's legs (poor sweet girl)...she is as rough and tough as her big brother. nothing holds her back from climbing (and sadly, sometimes falling) like her big brother. ;-)

she is an interesting mix of girlie princess and "indestructible" tomboy. ;-)

so here's the little picture..of the little lady...

i love her happiness captured in this photo!

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