Wednesday, March 30, 2011

giggles in the park

catching handsome wildflowers...that was the goal yesterday at the park.

catching little man in a full on smile on camera can be a bit more tricky than the little lady...he's just so quick and wiggly..well, that and he seems to put on silly faces just as soon as he sees nelly nikon emerge from her bag (yes, i named my camera).

but, today i had a see, little man hurt his foot while playing on the playground...

now...this happens. he is all boy. rough and tough. true boy, through and through. 

well, for some reason every time i said the word, 'foot' he would giggle. you see. he thought it was a bit silly that i would choose to take a picture of his foot.. (moms take pictures of the good and bad, bumps and bruises,'s all life).

so, i went with his foot giggles. this was perfect as i got him to giggle, fun pictures were had.

fun on the playground...

treasured moments, treasured boy.

i have learned a trick for "catching" my handsome wildflower and i am so excited! being silly with him works, and that works for me..i like silly.

i love you, little man and your precious smile and cute feet. ;-)

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