Thursday, August 11, 2011

catch and release...

while going through some photos for rocky, i came across this photo of river. this was taken back in august of 2010. this photo was taken by my mother-in-law i do believe. i also believe it was taken on a point and shoot camera. no fancy shmancy camera needed to catch this moment. ;-) though, i am curious how it would have turned out on, let's say, my dream camera, the canon eos 5d mark II, but that's just how my brain works. ;-)

taken at grandma and grandpa's pond.

anywho, i love this shot  for a couple reasons.  one reason is that it shows river's love for fishing. now, being we are veggies and do not eat meat (yes, not even fish)....he just catches and releases...
and reason #2,'s just a fun shot. perspective wise, it almost appears that the fish is the same size as river. river thinks that is pretty rad. ;-)

that's all i have time for today as far as a post goes. too much to do and not nearly enough time in the day.

happy day to you!!


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