Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Seagull Surprise

Hello all! At this point I have not sent this blog to anyone, in fact other than Rocky..no one knows it exists. I am currently just having fun with it. Getting it all set up to my liking (so, in other words..I will change it around for awhile to come). Anywho, this was funny story and I had to share it (even if with just to myself for now). I should get a link out for this soon to all the family and will eventual share it with friends. Anywhoo.....

So...on to the seagull story. While Rocky was finishing up work at the airport one night last week..the kids and I decided to head to the Gulf Shores Beach to welcome in a pretty sunset. When we got there we saw a cute little elderly couple who had a bag of food for the birds..the seagulls have apparently seen this couple because as soon as the couple got out of their vehicle they were surrounded by lots (that's putting it mildly) of seagulls. When the couple started to share the bread...the seagulls became very happy.

Little Man helped feed them and he loved it!!

Little Lady was a bit concerned about all the seagulls flying around her head. ;-) It was a bit overwhelming.

Well, after all the excitement was through and the seagulls had flown close to shore with full bellies, Little Man wanted to see if he could catch a seagull (he sure does set some interesting goals for himself). So, we headed closer to the water and Little Man chased seagulls.

Little Lady meanwhile...not the least bit interested in chasing seagulls, put the sand tools to some use and kept herself busy "making cakes" out of sand and was quite happy with that.

So...here is the funny part. Well, after we had played, dug around in the sand, chased birds until we couldn't chase them any longer, and get a bit chilly I noticed something in Little Man's hair (sorry no picture). I asked Little Man what was in his hair, at which point he put his hand on his head. It was seagull droppings! He was NOT happy at this point. All he could talk about was a shower. We washed his hands off as best we could in the water, but Little Man was so grossed out. Me calling him a 'poopy head' (I know, not a "good mommy" thing to do, but soooo funny) did not make matters any better for the little man. 

The whole way home, Little Man kept saying..."Mom, it's starting to itch under the poop." But he was not about to scratch it. Hahaha, poor kid!

He was thrilled after his shower!

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